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Emjay® Barbed Insert fittings are designed for use on polyethylene pipe manufactured to SABS-533 specifications (class 3 or class 6).

Emjay® fittings will not increase the pipe diameter by more than 10% as recommended by the South African Bureau of Standards and won’t cause stress cracking.

Emjay® fittings are manufactured with a unique barb configuration which is designed to take maximum advantage of the memory of polyethylene pipe, making it possible for the pipe to return to it’s original size between barbs.

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Emjay® black nylon insert fittings:

Emjay® fittings are the best quality fittings to use for an internal connection in the installation of your irrigation system. Emjay® fittings fit inside the polypipe and are designed with a unique barbed configuration that improves the strength of the join with the pipe, ensuring a leakproof connection.




Emjay® insert fittings are manufactured from top grade nylon raw material and are designed with a a thicker wall section than most fittings in the industry, providing extra strength and durability which allows them maximum resistance to UV.

Emjay® Insert fittings come in a variety of diameters to fit into a range of polypipe diameters. For an installation of Microjet® irrigation systems, we recommend a polypipe with a 20mm diameter to be used. Please use a polypipe manufactured to SABS-533 specifications (class 3 or class 6).

It is recommended that suitable clamps are used on all Emjay® Barbed Insert fittings to prevent fittings blowing out under pressure.

These fittings have been tried and tested for over 35 years in the harsh South African sun and are still going strong.

  • Manufactured from top grade nylon raw material to ensure quality
  • Strong and durable with carbon black for maximum UV protection.
  • Thicker wall section for extra strength and durability.
  • Unique, registered barb design ensures tight, leakproof seal every time!


MBConnector-sml print

MB 101 – 13mm
MB 102 – 15mm
MB 103 – 20mm
MB 104 – 25mm
MB 200 – 32mm
MB 205 – 40mm

The Emjay® Insert Connector is used for connecting two lengths of polypipe of the same size.


mbtee23530-sml print

MB 115 – 13mm
MB 117 – 15mm
MB 119 – 20mm
MB 120 – 25mm

The Emjay® Insert Equal Teepiece is used to join three lengths of polypipe of the same size. It is usually used to tee off a branch line connected to a main line of the same size.


MBElbow-sml print

MB 128 – 13mm
MB 129 – 15mm
MB 130 – 20mm
MB 131 – 25mm
MB 240 – 32mm
MB 245 – 40mm

The Emjay® Insert Elbow is used for a pipeline which is required to turn through a 90° bend, connecting two lengths of polypipe of the same size.


MBReducer-sml print

MB 110 – 20mm x 15mm
MB 112 – 25mm x 20mm

The Emjay® Insert Reducer is used to join two lengths of polypipe of different sizes.


MBFemaleCombiTee-sml print

MB 703 – 20mm x ½”BSP
MB 705 – 25mm x ½”BSP

The Emjay® Insert Female Combination Teepiece is used for fitting a sprinkler, standpipe or other accessory with a male thread to a pipeline. It consists of two barbed “straight” legs with the “crossed” leg being a female BSP thread. An example of its use is for fitting a pop-up sprinkler to a lateral pipeline.

(Px MI)

MBMaleAdaptorPxMI2020-sml print

MB 142 – 15mm x ½”BSP
MB 143 – 20mm x ¾”BSP
MB 144 – 25mm x 1”BSP
MB 275 – 40mm x 1½”BSP

The Emjay® Insert Male Adaptor (P x MI) is used for connecting a polyethylene pipe to a B.S.P. threaded pipe, fitting or instrument. It has a standard Emjay® barb on one side with a male BSP thread on the other. A common use is as a takeoff from a manual or electric solenoid valve.


MBMaleCombiElbow-sml print

MB 133 – 15mm x ½”BSP
MB 134 – 20mm x ½”BSP
MB 135 – 20mm x ¾”BSP
MB 282 – 25mm x ¾”BSP
MB 284 – 25mm x 1”BSP
MB 289 – 40mm x 1½”BSP

The Emjay® Male Combination Elbow is used for fitting a sprinkler, standpipe or other accessory with a female thread to the end of a pipeline. For example: for fitting a pop-up sprinkler to the end of a lateral pipeline as the last sprinkler in the line.


MBMaleCombiTee-sml print br20con20

MB 125 – 20mm x ½”BSP

The Emjay® Male Combination Teepiece is used for fitting a sprinkler, standpipe or other accessory with a female thread to a pipeline. For example: for fitting a pop-up sprinkler to a lateral pipeline.


MBFlowControl-sml print

MB 405 – 15mm
MB 410 – 20mm

The Emjay® Flow Control is a fitting designed for restricting the flow in pipelines especially in undulating conditions where gravity causes an imbalance in operating pressures and this imbalance cannot be controlled by reducing pipe size alone. Designed as a flow control this unit does NOT shut off flow completely and can, therefore, NOT be used as a shut-off valve.

Although this fitting is part of the Emjay® Insert Fittings range it is not made from nylon but rather from ABS which is a tough engineering material.


MBEndPlug-sml print

MB 138 – 15mm
MB 139 – 20mm
MB 140 – 25mm

The Emjay® Insert End Plug is used to close off the end of a polyethylene pipeline. A popular way to do this is to bend the end of pipe over and then use wire or some other method to tie the two pieces of pipe together thus closing off the end. It is recommended that an End Plug is used instead of this method as the pipe will be weakened from being kinked and may tear or leak. Using an End Plug also gives the installation a much neater finish.



MB 161 – 20mm – Clear Barrel

This filter is designed specifically for use in a Microjet® irrigation system.  It is meant for use in low volume, low pressure systems only.

The Inline filter has one filter screen (or cartridge) available.  This cartridge is designed to trap any particles that would clog up a standard Microjet®.  The openings in the inline filter cartridge are 1.3mm x 0.5mm which equates approximately to a 20 mesh filter screen in area of opening (0.65mm2).  The smallest Microjet® is a black base which has an orifice size of 0.8mm, so this filter would work perfectly on any Microjet® System.

The Emjay® Inline filter is available with Emjay® Insert (barbed) ends in 15mm and 20mm.  These ends conform to the rest of the Emjay® range of fittings with their unique barb configuration.

The Emjay Inline filter comes with a clear barrel (body), allowing one to easily see when the filter cartridge needs cleaning or is blocked.



PN105 for ½” Hose – or Polypipe
PN106 for ¾” Hose – or Polypipe​

The Snap-on® / Emjay® Hose Connector is designed for use with either a hosepipe or polypipe. It is a more permanent connection and is ideal for use where the pressure in the pipe can build up. This happens when the hose nozzle at the other end of the hose is closed off and the hose pressure builds up to mains pressure. In this situation, the standard Hose Connector could blow off and it is better to use this connector with a hose clamp.
It is available in ½” (15mm) and ¾” (20mm) fitting.

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