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At Storm, our mission is to provide exceptional home and garden products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We are committed to building strong, long-lasting relationships with our retail partners, offering innovative and high-quality products, and providing world-class customer service. Our focus on these strengths has allowed us to grow into a trusted and reputable company in the industry, and we strive to continue to offer the best products and services to our customers.


Storm Distribution started out as a small family run company in 2011.  We have very quickly grown to a team of dedicated core employees who all strive for one thing – giving the customer the best experience when purchasing a product sourced, developed and distributed by Storm Distribution.


Our business was initially developed around the Coolaroo brand, leaders in the development of shade fabric. Our partnership with them allowed us to introduce the Coolaroo Shade sail and umbrella to the South African market. We have since grown exponentially and our list of brands now incorporates fencing, irrigation, pool products and more.

Our philosophy of offering the best quality product to the consumer has served us well as we have expanded our range of trusted brands to the likes of Cellfast, Rainbird, Microjet and Prosperplast to retailers nationwide.

Growing trusted relationships with our retailers has always been an important focus for Storm. We have built up an impressive network of retail outlets to which we supply – the likes of Builders Warehouse, Leroy Merlin, Chamberlains, BUCO and Takealot and many other smaller nurseries and hardware stores.


Our relationship with retailers and customers alike extends way beyond simply providing a quality product.

Our core strength lies in the relationships that we have built over time with the retail chains, who know that we are as concerned about their business and improving our operating efficiencies to them, as we are about our own business. The retailers can trust that they will receive superior after-sales service such as:

  • product optimisation studies at a store-by-store level to ensure success.
  • POS development, that provides the customer with pertinent information, allowing them to make an educated purchasing decision,
  • Product training
  • Regular communication at a head office level
  • Regular store visits by relationship managers

Retailers trust that we have their best interests at heart.

And finally, our strength also lies in our drive to constantly find new, innovative products to offer the South African consumers, keeping them abreast of the latest in world-wide trends. We also take pride in our ability to improve the quality, variety and price offerings of products currently offered in the market.


We have a dynamic team who are constantly looking to streamline our business and improve the way in which we operate, while offering our retail stores and customers the best possible service.

We maintain our edge by empowering our team to work with integrity, responsibility, accountability and through offering continuous support and development opportunities to further their skills and careers. We also operate with open door policies; management is always available to support our people.

Our team is split between Johannesburg headed by our CEO and Cape Town headed by our Directors, with an office and small warehouse in each area. Relationship managers are responsible for looking after each individual region, so that the whole of South Africa is covered.

We rely on so many others to deliver the products and services that we pride ourselves on. We work closely with our warehousing colleagues, DSV, to ensure smooth deliveries to stores, on a continuous basis. We also work closely with Store managers and their retail staff to build solid relationships and assist wherever possible.


If sourcing innovative, quality products is of importance to us, backing up our products with excellent customer service is our greater measure of success. We are constantly striving for new ways to educate, inform and assist consumers in their purchase process.

We know how important it is to earn the customers trust and we are thus committed to providing excellent world class customer service with professionalism, care and efficiency, in order to build these relationships. With this goal in mind, STORM offers a direct line to a knowledgeable Storm representative, who WILL respond to your query.

These are the deliverables that we at STORM constantly strive for, and in partnership with our suppliers and retailers, we believe that we can achieve them, for the benefit of our customers.

Competition Terms & Conditions

STORM Competition Terms and Conditions:

Participants are required to enter by completing the online competition form on Storm Distribution’s website: or link by QR Code. Participants may enter the competition only once per month, to give other applicants a fair chance.  Should you sign up for our newsletter, you will be allocated an additional number, DOUBLING YOUR CHANCES of winning. Each participant is allocated a number on entry. 

A different STORM product will be available to win every month with the draw taking place on the last day of each month. The competition winner will be selected using Number Picker Wheel. ( The process will be recorded and on occasion will be posted on Facebook. The recorded material will always be available for viewing, should a participant like to view the selection process.

Winners will be announced by newsletter, on the Storm Distribution website, on Facebook and on Instagram. The winner will also be informed directly by email and cellphone. The product will be delivered to the winner at an address selected by the winner, within the borders of South Africa. Storm Distribution would love to see the winner with the prize in hand, and would be very grateful if the winner would take a photograph of themselves with their prize and email it to us.

We respect your privacy and will only use your personal information in the manner, in which you have chosen for it to be used. We follow the rules set out in POPIA. Participant’s information will be used only for the competition and to contact the winner, unless otherwise specified on the competition application form

Please note:

STORM employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Previous Winners are also excluded from entering subsequent competitions so as to give other entrants a chance of winning..

By participating in the STORM monthly competition, each participant acknowledges and agrees that Storm Distribution and its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives (collectively referred to as “the Organization”) shall not be held liable for any actions, claims, damages, losses, or liabilities arising out of or related to the participant’s involvement in the competition. Participants expressly release the Organization from any responsibility for personal injury, property damage, or any other harm, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, that may occur as a result of participating in the competition or receiving a prize.

Participants understand and accept that they are responsible for their own actions, conduct, and decisions during the competition. The Organization disclaims all responsibility for any injury, damage, or harm that may occur due to the participant’s actions or behavior during the competition, including but not limited to any violations of competition rules, misconduct, or unethical behaviour.

Participants agree to indemnify the Organization against any claims or disputes brought by third parties that may result from the participant’s actions, conduct, or participation in the competition, including but not limited to:

Storm Distribution reserves the right to modify or cancel the competition, should the company feel it is necessary. Events that might lead to a modification of or cancellation might be, but are not restricted to the following: Force Majeure Events, unforeseeable circumstances that are beyond the control of Storm Distribution; Technical Issues that compromise the integrity of the competition; Breach of rules by a participant; Financial Constraints, if the organisation experiences unexpected financial difficulties.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Storm Distribution at our offices, CPT – 021 701 0787 or JHB 010 026 0102 or